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The Amazing Benefits of Exercise for Cancer Patients

The first step in adding exercise to your journey back to health is KNOWING what those benefits are.  

Whether you're looking for ways to decrease your treatment symptoms, ways to help with post surgery tightness, or ways to get back to independence, exercise can help.

Learning Guide: Shoulder Movements

If you're tired of the pain and tightness, the first step in getting back into the groove is learning a little bit about what's bugging you.  For the majority of breast cancer patients, that means the shoulders.  That's why this Learning Guide was created.


Concerned about that ache in your low back, knee pain, and shoulder that just can't moving right?

Let's get to the bottom of all of those problems with a Body Alignment Screen that will tell you exactly how to solve your problems.

My Recovery Workbook After Breast Cancer Surgery

The Workbook for Breast Cancer Patients was developed as a tool to help patients have a place of organization in a time of their life that can be filled with overwhelm.  It was also developed to provide guidance through the emotional roller coaster by providing tools to help you journal each day with pain scales, emotional descriptor words, and activities.

Exercise Readiness Workbook

If you've just been diagnosed with cancer, or you're going through treatment, the thought of exercise can be overwhelming and more than a little scary.  

The Exercise Readiness Workbook was developed just for cancer patients and takes you step by step so you can make a safe decision about exercise that's right for you.

Your Next Move: The Post Surgery Rehab Program for Breast Cancer Patients

Your Next Move is for breast cancer patients who know how important it is to exercise and want to know exactly where to start after surgery.

If you've been looking for a Step-by-Step Solution to decrease pain, improve the movement in your shoulders, and lower your risk of lymphedema - all while feeling safe and secure that you're working with a Health Care Professional experienced with the needs of breast cancer patients - then this is the program for you.

Even if you've been struggling with shoulder problems for years and years, do NOT think it's been too long and that you can't improve.  I know this program will help you feel better and move better.

Click the Button to Learn How to Start Feeling Better and Moving Better.

Kickstart Your Body Back After Breast Cancer Program

Do you need a Kickstart?  Wondering where to start, what you need, how hard you can push yourself after breast cancer treatment?  Ready to start moving...yesterday?!?!?!

Don't worry, I've got you covered.  

Doctor Consent Form to Exercise for Breast Cancer Patients

If you're not sure that exercise is an amazing tool for recovery after breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, then skip this section and go grab some of my freebies (so you can get on the Movement Wagon)!

If you KNOW that exercise is going to help decrease your symptoms during chemo and radiation, know that you need to rehabilitate after surgery to get your range of motion and strength back, and KNOW that exercise reduces recurrence risk by up to 50%, then you need The Doctor Consent Form to Exercise.

VIP Movement Program

Exclusively for Breast Cancer Patients providing twelve weeks of support, step-by-step corrective strategies, full access and accountability with all the motivation you need to reach your goals after Breast Cancer Diagnosis.

If you would like to be considered for The VIP Program, please complete and submit the Client Application Form.

Top 12 Causes of Cancer Related Fatigue

Cancer related fatigue can be devastating.  And it's important to know about the different causes. 

Grab the Free Download and review The Top 12 causes of Cancer Related Fatigue.  Knowledge is Power.

Cancer Related Fatigue Guide for Breast Cancer Patients

It's a treatment side effect for up to 90% of patients. Cancer Related Fatigue can turn your daily life upside down and symptom that last long after treatment has been completed.

There are ways to navigate and plan that can help bring some balance and control to you life.  Grab this Free Resource.


This is a performance level session for high achievers committed to excellence.

This analysis identifies your body's asymmetries, imbalances, and foundational restrictions that are holding you back from achieving your best potential.

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