Top 12 Causes of Cancer Related Fatigue

Even though it can be the last thing on your mind when you're so tired you can't move, exercise can be a benefit to reduce the symptoms of cancer related fatigue.

Part of Move Well After Breast Cancer is helping breast cancer patients and survivors make small changes that can have big results when it comes to exercising.

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Top 12 Causes of Cancer Related Fatigue

I'm glad you've grabbed this free resource.  The best way to review is to take each of the causes of cancer related fatigue and review them based on your current AND your previous lifestyle. 

There may be residual affects from medications, treatments, etc.  that are still playing a role in your fatigue so make sure to look at changes that have occurred and take these into consideration.

I then want you to look at things you can control, and things you can't.  And then give yourself some grace for those things that are just part of your journey.  Take a look at your goals, especially with having a healthy, active life, and start to devise your plan to include the supports necessary for the lifestyle you're trying to create for your future.  These are the things you can control.

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