My Recovery Workbook After Breast Cancer Surgery

The Journey of Recovery after breast cancer diagnosis is filled with too many emotions, too many appointments, and too many decisions to even attempt to name them.

And each journey is unique, based on the patient, the diagnosis, the type of treatment, and the choices that each patient has in front of them.

Taking you from hospital, to home, to recovery, The Recovery Workbook provides each breast cancer patient a place for:

  • Diagnostic information
  • Treatment dates and times
  • Medical team names/numbers
  • Medications

But it's so much more.

The Recovery Workbook provides space for daily recovery words, pain ratings, feelings, strategies, so that the journey is documented.  Take your Recovery Workbook to each appointment.  Everything you need has already been documented and is a benefit to you as well as your medical team.

  • how you've been feeling
  • what's been hurting
  • what your pain ratings have been
  • what exercise you've been trying
  • you mood and your questions

The Workbook pages can be copied so you can continue the practice of journaling your treatment and recovery through survivorship.

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My Recovery Workbook for Breast Cancer Patients

The Workbook for Breast Cancer Patients was developed as a tool to help patients have a place of organization in a time of their life that can be filled with overwhelm.  It was also developed to provide guidance through the emotional roller coaster by providing tools to help you journal each day with pain scales, emotional descriptor words, and activities.

This Workbook was created to not only document your journey but give you the tools to guide you on your journey back to health.

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